A good book does not substitute a good teacher. It liberates the teacher to immerse the student in the subject matter deeper.


(name revealed with permission)

 Couldn't put the book down.  --(D. Sudarshan, Dean, U. of Kentucky)

I must say that your CB book is the most innovative textbook that I have ever seen. --Professor Irene Lu, Carleton Univ. October 2010

This is the best CB book I have ever read!---CB Professor, University of Portland  (on 1st edition, March 2009)

I will be adopting the text, it looks like it's very current and will be fun for the students to read. I will be adopting it for one undergrad section and one MBA section in the fall.  ---CB professor at Rutgers (March, 2010)

 I like the book... Makes you want to keep on reading...   (CB Professor at Augusta State, Custom book/Selected Chapters)

I am liking what I am reading .... (Adopting professor for MBA class, U. Minn., Custom pack/five chapters)

 I love the book. I am adopting it. I will make students read every page of it. I am going to give them a quiz every week.--A new adopting professor Georgia State, Jan 2018

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Hardcover 580 pages 2016-2020

The most innovative Consumer Behaviour book I have ever read.

--A Marketing Professor